Munka Workwear has been developed specifically for the Australian & New Zealand markets to bring you a tough, practical, fashionable and affordable product. We launched Munka after collaborating with our customers and identifying a gap in the Australian market for quality workwear, with all the necessary safety features, at an affordable price point.

Product Assets - Our Other Brands

Product Imagery, Product Description, Safety Standard & Composition for all brands available at the below links:

  • New Balance Industrial

    Athletic DNA, heritage in width and fit and highly technical safety features to ensure the ultimate comfort and performance


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  • Diadora Utility

    Italian design and ingenuity tailored specifically for Australian and New Zealand Conditions. All Diadora Utility work boots strictly adhere to Australian safety standards.

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  • Safety Jogger has a solution for every work place.

    Safety Jogger

    Safety Jogger is an international personal protective equipment brand.  With a clear focus on quality, comfort and pricing, Safety Jogger develops the right shoes for you.

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